Barnsley Golf Club – Competition to restart 26th June 2020

Club competitions will restart this week on the 26th June, here are the following rules that need to be followed: –

1. The ball must be holed
2. Local bunker rule –
a. Play as it lies
b. Lift the ball using your feet (NOT your hands) and level the sand then drop the ball from knee height
3. Register to play in the competition at the pro-shop and join the 2’s club.
4. Please ensure cards are filled in neatly so the player’s name and the marker’s name can be identified for cross referencing, DO NOT swap the cards for signing.
5. Once the card is completed post through the external letterbox at the club house front.

Anyone that didn’t pay the club membership fee will need to pay this before they join the competitions, forms are available in the pro shop.
McSeveney competition will be running therefore those not paid will need to pay the entry fee, envelopes are available in the pro shop.

Barnsley Golf Club Competition Secretary

Lee Mills