The use of trolleys during & after the adverse weather conditions.

As I’m sure we are all aware, recent weather conditions have been challenging.

Leaving us with many unwanted issues, especially with regards to ground conditions.

With this is mind we are left with no alternative but to temporarily implement the following:-

Will all golfers who are physically able to carry their golf bag, please do so.

Due to the amount of rainfall we have experienced, areas where a trolley may be used will be restricted to the SEMI ROUGH ONLY.

Hedgehog wheels greatly reduce further damage to the course, therefore anyone requiring the use of a trolley must comply with the compulsory order for the use of hedgehog wheels.

At this time the use of trolleys on the fairways is prohibited.

We are asking all golfers to adhere to this request, which will allow the continued use of a trolley to those most in need.

This decision has been made to help maintain the course and prevent us from having to take more drastic measures.

Please abide by these temporary rules and help us to help you continue playing through these trying times.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Shaun Wyke

Club Profesional