The Course

Would you like Barnsley Golf Club to be a:

                                         Great place to play golf

Would you like Barnsley Golf Club to be a:

                                         Place to be proud of

We can make all this happen but only WITH YOUR SUPPORT & IDEAS.

Ideas like:

Everyone taking responsibility to maintain course appearance by

        • Repairing not just your own pitch mark
        • Replacing not just your own divot
        • Raking unraked parts of bunkers
        • Picking up that piece of litter.

We can hear people saying that’s the green keeper’s job. We can hear people criticising golfers who leave pitch marks, divots, litter and bunkers in a mess. You will always get people like that. You can never change some of them. Instead of using energy to criticise people, let’s use that energy to actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have always got a bit of spare waiting time on the course. Use that time to look around and make our course look brilliant.

I know some golfers already have this mind-set and take on the responsibility to do all this. They are to be congratulated. We need more to do the same.

That’s just 1 example of an idea. We now need your ideas, not criticisms but constructive positive suggestions to make Barnsley Golf Club a:

Great place to play golf

Place to be proud of

Imagine what it would look like, feel like and what people would be saying about our club when we achieve it

You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by posting your ideas in the suggestions box or by having a word with any committee member (list)



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There will be a regular newsletter to keep people up to date. If you have any suggestions on content please let us know.

Editor – Roger Kirk

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