As you will be aware we are in unprecedented times, the Golf Course has had to close as a result of the Governments Coronavirus social distancing measures. There is no timescale for how long the closure will be in place, so we have made the following adjustments.

For direct debit season ticket holders- We will suspend Direct debit payments during the period of course closure due to Coronavirus, and restart them when the course re-opens. As we are suspending them at our end you do not need to take any action therefore, please do not cancel your direct debit.

For pre-paid season ticket holders – a refund for the period of closure due to Coronavirus will be credited back to you when the course re-opens.

As you can understand this is time intensive and we can only process each season ticket individually. We therefore appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

The whole team involved in the running of the golf course hope you all stay safe and well, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Shaun Wyke – Club Professional