How to Register into a Competition and Enter a Score from your HowDidIDo App

Open the App and login using your Username (email address) and Password
Then Select Login
Then Select the Todays Golf Icon

Then Select Sign In
Then Select the competition you want to sign in for.
Select Sign in
After you have completed the round select Todays Golf Icon
Select Score Entry
Type the surname of the person marking your score, then select that person
Select Next
Select Confirm for your handicap today
Then using the Plus or Minus button enter your score for Hole 1, then select hole 2 and repeat.
Once you have completed the front 9 holes it will display your front 9 score if correct select next, if wrong select back and correct the hole that is wrong
Select the score on hole 10 to 18 using plus and minus button again
It will give the back 9 summary then select next
Sign the Card then select confirm
Select Finish
You have now completed your score entry.

Lee Mills
Competition Secretary