Numerous members have been asking,  after the recent horrendous damage to our course, if it would be possible to donate their monthly payment refund for January, into addressing this situation.

We hope you are all aware of the fantastic repair job that Ben, Eoin and Jake, have already achieved on the two greens.

After discussions with our finance team,  the logistics behind this are near impossible on an individual basis.

You will also be aware that we are one of the very few courses to reimburse season ticket holders for the covid pandemic.

We will be reimbursing the current lockdown payment when we can finalise arrangements.

What we have agreed with the golf club, is that we will accept donations from any member/season ticket holder wanting to contribute to the prevention of future damage to our course. These donations, can be in line with the next reimbursement, or whatever golfers feel comfortable with in these difficult times.

This is not a compulsory payment, but the support we have had after the senseless damage has been substantial, and we would therefore like to offer the chance for our golfers to help as so many wish to do.

We will use these donations, in conjunction with the golf club, to extend the fencing around the eighth hole to try to prevent these vandals accessing our course again.

Donations can be made to the pro shop, to any of our staff, or committee members.

You may also donate via GOFUNDME as one of our members, Stuart Cooper, has very kindly set up a page. You can find this via the links Stuart has posted on the facebook pages Friends of Barnsley Golf Club & Barnsley Golf Club. You can also find it directly on GOFUNDME titled Golf Club Restoration.

Thank you for your continued support.

Shaun Wyke
Club Professional