As you will be aware golf courses are now closed across England due to a third covid-19 lockdown. We haven’t yet been given a timescale for any reassessment on the restrictions.

This unfortunately means the Pro Shop, Clubhouse and Course, will have to close again during this period.

We know that Season Ticket renewal and Clubhouse Membership is due before the end of February and that many of you will be concerned about the continuous membership discount and how to renew.

The Pro Shop will be accessible to accept season tickets only. This will be on an administrative basis on behalf of B.M.B.C. The shop will not be open for any stock sales.

Season ticket payments can be processed  between:

Saturdays 9am – 2pm
Sundays    9am – 2pm
Mondays   9am – 2pm

Please follow our guidelines of only one person being allowed at any one time. Please come to the shop and we will attend to you individually. Please wear a face covering.

Any season tickets that are processed after February the direct debit payments will be adjusted accordingly.
We will honour the continuous membership discount until the end of March.

Please in the meantime, do not send your renewals by post, as we do not want any important financial documentation getting lost.

We understand how frustrating a year this has been for everyone involved. The course lockdowns, restrictions due to social distancing (including the change in the booking system to telephone only), the clubhouse enforced closure and the bad weather over the winter months. We will however get back to normal service as soon as we are allowed.

Even during these difficult times, we are still investing in course improvements, drainage and new equipment. This is in conjunction with season ticket reimbursement during golf lockdowns. Your continued support in these unprecedented times is much appreciated.

We all hope to see you soon, keep safe and well.