1st Place

K Denton, K Thompson, R Heathcote & M Wood                                         86 Points


2nd Place

A Smith, S Jones, K Parker & C Fellowes                                                     84 Points BB9


3rd Place

T Steele, P Smith, J Smith & J Steele                                                           84 Points


4th Place

M Rickhuss, B Hannah, S Greaves & P Ellin                                               81 Points BB9


5th Place

L Armitage, D Armitage, C Holder & M Thompson                                       81 Points


6th Place

L Mills, M Blake, A Shenton & S Butler                                                         80 Points BB9


7th Place

K Gill, A Gill, D Gill & A Todd                                                                          80 Points BB9


2’s prize money = £27.50 each


Once again Thankyou to all our Incredible Sponsors for supporting Barnsley Golf Club.


Please collect your vouchers at the pro-shop, expiry date 31st December 2021.